Ancient Call

by Tengger Cavalry

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released 01 February 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Battle Song From Far Away
Once again the battle song is sung. Time to sharpen the blade and arrow

Clank of heels shock the sky. Thunder of drum quakes the earth

When flame is burning our lands, are you brave enough to fight the evil

Even the cavalry of thousands has perished, our song will be carried on

When flame burns down our land, the heaven has gone forever

But do not wonder or hesitate

From far away the battle song leads us forever
Track Name: Hymn Of The Earth
Under the boundless welkin, green hills bathe in the sunlight

Breeze ripples. Cloud floats. Sheep jumps. Horse gallops

Every creature enjoys the wonder of life. Everywhere is the music of life

Warm sunlight pours down like summer rain, deeply sinking into soil

This is the hymn of the earth, the hymn of life
Track Name: Brave
Awakened by the roaring flame. Lightened by the blood in the sky

War horse screams the air. Dark terror clouds the earth

Through the inferno of flame, raise the blade of bravery

Dissipate the fear in the air, shine the honor of cavalry

No chant, no hero

Facing the fear, no place to hide
Track Name: Legend On Horseback
Galloping through the plain where dead bodies tower up

Dancing in the air are blades of ice and snow

Iron heel crushes rocks into pieces

Unbreakable sword tears up all the unfaithful

Stare at the plain where wolves dance like ghosts

See through the clouds where eagles soar like arrows

Sing for the thousand rivers as sand and stone rolls with dragons

Chant for the vast mountains as echo flies into the distance